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Are there Georgia safety standards for public playgrounds?

Are there Georgia safety standards or regulations for public playgrounds?

Read the complete story here: Playground Safety in Georgia, what do you need to know?  While the national safety standards for playground equipment as established by ASTM and CPSC are still considered as “voluntary standards”, each state may have its own criteria. The Childinjurylawyerblog has […]

Must-Have List for Designing Your Playground

Must-Have List for Designing Your Playground

Good design involves balancing your children’s needs, volume, age distribution, developmental aspects, and site conditions. Assess your present space by drawing a rough diagram. Include the seasonal aspects of your layout including sunlight, wind direction, snow/ice/rain. Observe the following:

type and amount of natural materials
small vs. large space

14 Layout Considerations for your Playground

14 Layout Considerations for your Playground

1. Organize zones to facilitate play and minimize conflicts, e.g. locate quiet play areas away from active spaces

2. Provide areas that encourage group interaction as well as places from solitary and partner play

3. Avoid putting high-activity zones close to transitional zones

4. Locate compatible play zones close together, e.g. creative play […]

The Sensory Rich Playground

The Sensory Rich Playground

Young children learn by using all of their senses, so your playground should offer as many experiences as possible. The more sensory experiences, the more is learned and gained during development.  The playground should include the following sensory areas:


Visual: Adults tend to look at the functional aspect of playgrounds […]

7 Critical Steps for Planning a Playground Layout

7 Critical Steps for Planning a Playground Layout

Before choosing the actual layout for your playground, it’s helpful to have an overall plan or design for the placement of furnishings.  You will want to organize the space in a way that will promote physical and social play while minimizing conflicts.  The following is called the zoned […]

How Can We Compare These Playground Designs?

Comparing your playground designs

Be sure your playground incorporates as many play experiences as possible.  Remember, it isn’t always the number of play events that are on a play structure that make it a good value, but the value of the play itself.

As an example, let’s compare Playground A vs.  Playground B

Playground A contains a 3 […]

12 common playground hazards

The Dirty Dozen Checklist

Are they hiding in your child’s playground?

1. Improper Protective Surfacing
The surface or ground under and around the playground equipment should be soft enough to cushion a fall. Improper surfacing material under playground equipment is the leading cause of playground related injuries. Over seventy percent of all accidents on playgrounds are from children […]