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Restoring your rubber playground surface with a Roll Coat application

Rubber playground surfaces, referred to as pour-in-place (PIP) surfacing, are a great investment for your public playground, but may require restoration through a Roll Coat topping. Unfortunately, rubber playground surfacing is not a maintenance free option and you’ll see that through normal use and exposure to elements, the surface will start to degrade from:

  • fading and discoloration,
  • thinning of the top course through the loss of granules around high traffic areas
  • peeling off of shredded rubber when using a bonded rubber
school logo with older rubber playground surface

Faded rubber without roll coat

Restored with roll coat applied to rubber playground surface

Read the rest of this story here- restore faded darkening rubber playground surfacing with a roll coat layer , where we’ll be migrating all of our content.

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