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Save Thousands With a Community Built Playground

Save Thousands With a Community Built Playground

One of the best ways to stretch your playground budget is by having a community build… You’ll find the complete¬† article at our new site dedicated to playground planning We can’t have duplicate copy out there, so we’re saving the good tips for tips and tools for saving thousands and installing your community playground. Considering installations run between 25-40% of your total budget, it can be a disappointment to know that $6000 of a $10000 budget actually goes toward the equipment, while the rest is applied to installation/shipping/mulch/borders/taxes, etc. Those who work on a community built playground project gain a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the finished project, and the pride felt by the volunteers in their accomplishment translates into pride toward the school or the community. You’d be surprised the number of people willing and able to put their tools & efforts to work.

Unfortunately, the major power tools should be left at home.

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