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Fundraising Resources for your PTA/PTO, Church, Daycare, Non-profit

Below are links to products and resources for your playground fundraiser or any fundraising ventures you are pursuing.  If you are in the Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and would like assistance with additional resources for funding your playground,  visit us at

Fundraising E-books

Fundraising Success E-book The definitive guide to fundraising.  Packed with over 480 pages of references and resources. Scroll through left navigation bar to “My Book”
Fundraise $50,000 E-book
The Beginners System For Writing Funded Grant Proposals
Let’s Raise Money
Increase Your Church Fundraising Today!

Fundraisers by Organization

General Fundraising Ideas
General Fundraising Ideas II
School Fundraisers
School Fundraising Ideas
PTA Fundraiser
PTO Fundraiser
Elementary School Fundraiser
Middle School Fundraiser
High School Fundraiser
Booster Club Fundraiser
Daycare Fundraiser
Church Fundraising Ideas
Church Fundraisers
Non Profit Fundraisers
Sports Fundraising Ideas
Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers by Product

Magazine Fundraiser
Pretzel Fundraiser
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Candy Fundraiser
Coffee Fundraiser
Flower Bulb Fundraiser
Candle Fundraiser
Lollipop Fundraiser

Additional Resources