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5 ways to stretch your playground budget

Stretching your playground budget:

Here are a few ideas to help make the most of your hard-earned funds.  As an example, here’s how your funding will normally break down with a typical turn-key project:

Description Percentage
Playground Borders

  1. Sales promotions- Make sure that you’re able to take advantage of any of several substantial sales taking place throughout the year.  Discounts range from 20%-30% & may include free items!!
  2. Community Build-The next largest portion of your budget is given to installation.  We can provide the option to supervise your project if you have a committed group of volunteers willing to donate their weekend, tools, & their sweat (only consider for projects >$14000)
  3. Self-install- Playland offers detailed instructions intended for the layman with no experience installing playground equipment.  Our industry partners choose Playland for their explicit instructions and ease of installation.
  4. Lease Option- Installment payment options are available for those with cashflow variances.  This is a suitable alternative to Phased-in projects.
  5. DIY mulch/in-fill & borders- We’ll let you know how much mulch is necessary to meet today’s safety standards so you can shop your local providers.  Borders are largely just a containment for your in-fill and there are several options that can be purchased locally including: wood, conduit, rubber, playground timbers.

If you are located in Georgia/Alabama/Tennessee/North Carolina and would like additional advice as to making the most of an existing budget, please contact us at


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