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How Can We Compare These Playground Designs?

Comparing your playground designs

Be sure your playground incorporates as many play experiences as possible.  Remember, it isn’t always the number of play events that are on a play structure that make it a good value, but the value of the play itself.

As an example, let’s compare Playground A vs.  Playground B

Playground A contains a 3 foot slide three-foot climber 4 foot slide and eight activity panels for a total of 11 activities. Playground B has the same three foot slide and climber, but also a six foot 360° slide and an eight foot slide and climber;  instead of monkey bars a spinning device; and tow rock climbers.  Although B only has 10 activities and costs $1750 more, it is without question, the better value.  Why? Children have slides and climbers at three different deck heights on Playground B.  It also has motion incorporated; and imaginative play that accompanies the unique climbing experience of the Climbing wall.  Although Playground A has more activities and costs less seven of those activity panels don’t compel kids to return.  Don’t forget to reference the Fundraising Resources page on the top right tab, for products and resource to help you with your playground fundraiser.  If you are located in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and would like additional advice as to making the most of your existing playground budget, please contact us at

Playground A
Playground B
Slides 3′ & 4′ deck heights 3′ slide, 6′ 360 Slide, 8′ Slither slide
Climbers 3′ chain net, monkey bars Climbing Wall
Panels Tic Tac Toe Panel 8′ Inclined climbing wall
7 additional panels 5′ Whirlwind Climber
Lookout deck w/binoculars- 8′ high
New Twister spinning device
Gears panel & Driving Panel (ground level)
Total Components 11 10
Price $11, 750 $13, 500

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